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Lazy Girl’s Guide: An Organic Beauty Routine You Can Stick To

I am not a beauty expert. Neither do I ever hoard lots of beauty products. On top of that I am a BIG TIME lazy person! I think I rarely ever go to the salon (if you rule out the trips that I make to get my brows done). If I am not wrong, I only think about my skin care when Eid or a special event is around the corner. (Oops! Guilty).

Another reason why I avoid salons is because they are unhygienic (most of the time), usually are places where women gossip the most (major pet peeve of mine), and lastly, you go there expecting to feel good about yourself and instead the beauticians point out all your flaws to you to make money and that pisses me off.

Recently my skin had been in a very bad shape. Especially during Ramzan, due to the lack of water and consumption of oily food, I had really bad break outs on my face. That’s when I thought that I should do something about it, especially with Eid right around the corner. That’s when I came around Jo’s Organic Beauty products.

I could have consulted a regular spa for my skin care, but if you’ve read above, socialising at a salon is not my thing (gives me major anxiety) and also the chemicals in most of the products worsen the situation on my skin. So when I came across the organic range offered by Jovita, I instantly invested in them and I don’t regret it at all.

I ordered two masks from their page:

  1. The Magnet
  2. Cleopatra’s Secret Glow Mask

The Magnet

The Magnet by Jo's Organic Beauty

The Magnet by Jo’s Organic Beauty

As per the package, this mask is packed with activated charcoal, clay, green tea, aloevera gel, tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil and lots more. This is used to clean out impurities from your skin and to unclog the pores. It’s black in colour and I just need to clarify that this is not a peel-off mask. It actually dries up really fast onto your skin once applied and you feel a pulling sensation on your skin. I love that feeling. It’s not too harsh and in fact has a very cooling effect on your skin. I sometimes even put it on when I’m feeling too hot. Lol. #KarachiKiGarmi

Cleopatra’s Secret Glow Mask

Cleopatra's Secret Glow Mask by Jo's Organic Beauty

Cleopatra’s Secret Glow Mask by Jo’s Organic Beauty

This one is known to improve complexion and also fights other skin conditions like black heads, white heads, pimples, acne and the likes. It comes in a powder form and it is directed on the jar to mix a few tsp of it with milk, yogurt or rose water to form a paste. It’s a very good cleanser and because its grainy, it acts as a very good scrub once it dries up on your skin. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients such as almonds, sandalwood, neem, orange peels, turmeric root powder, roses, saffron and other essential herbs!

Both of these masks are made from natural ingredients and are free from any chemicals. So it’s a win-win situation. I’ve been using these two for the past one month and I love the way my skin feels after each application. I’ve come up with the following beauty routine built around these two masks for my lazy self and you can follow it too. So let’s get started!

Lazy Girl's Guide to an organic beauty routine

Step 1:

Start with cleaning any makeup from your face. Previously, I would wipe it off using Vaseline and then follow with L’Oreal’s makeup remover but now I have switched to only using coconut oil (or any oil) to remove makeup because it’s natural and I recently have been very cautious about using products that could disrupt the endocrine system.

Step 2:

Wash your face with a mild soap or your favorite face wash. I use a neem facewash from Zoya’s Herbal Shop.

Step 3:

After drying up your face, apply The Magnet mask all over your face and neck. Let it dry up. Alternatively, you can apply the Cleopatra’s Secret Glow Mask instead of The Magnet. What I usually do is that I apply The Magnet twice a week, and the Cleopatra mask also twice a week although you can apply it daily before stepping into the shower to get the best results. Sometimes, I do this routine only two days a week (one day The Magnet, the next day Cleopatra’s mask).

Note: You can also make a DIY mask using ingredients from your pantry to freshen up your skin: A tsp of Yogurt, half tsp turmeric, a few drops of lemon juice, a tiny bit of honey, a tsp of gram flour. Mix all of this together to make a paste. Manage the quantity of yogurt and gram flour to achieve your desired consistency. Apply it all over your face and neck, (aur agar bach jaye tou har jagah laga len!), then scrub and wash it off once it dries up. This one is very good for exfoliation!

Step 4:

After 15-20 minutes, when you feel that it has dried up, use warm water and a hand towel to wipe it off your face.

Step 5:

Wash your face and apply some moisturiser as the mask (The Magnet) tends to dry up your skin in its efforts to pull out impurities. I apply some aloevera gel to soothe the skin.

Step 6:

Finish off by spraying some rose water all over your face. This is my most favorite part as it feels so refreshing!

That’s it! A beauty routine that not only would keep your face fresh and glowing but is also very easy to accommodate within your shower time.


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