Hi, I am Tasmiyah and I am a Pakistani based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where I live happily ever after with my husband and son. Welcome to my blog!

I am a Software Engineer by profession. This blog, like many other awesome things we do in life, started as a hobby, but now I do it full-time. Initially I started to blog about my travel experiences, but soon afterwards my interests expanded.

My aim behind this blog is to publish original content that serves as a sweet escape for my readers from their daily grind. I mostly post about the simple things in life that revolve around home/lifestyle, travel, food, health and wellness.

Hope you enjoy reading through my blog!


My portraits on this website are done by my sister who has a photography and art venture online.

She can be reached for photography at: https://www.facebook.com/elartebytehreem

She’s also an illustrator so if you’d like to check out her artwork, go to: https://www.instagram.com/elarte_doodles/

Do check out her work!