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Have you ever seen a dried dandelion? On the surface it may seem like something that has lived its time, but in reality that wilted and dry dandelion is still worth so much. It can go on and propagate the entire garden with more plants, more flowers. Same is the case with some people. They may be tired, sad and dejected but from the eyes of their loved one, they’re still worth everything.

Weary eyes, shattered soul,
I’ll sit by the window,
just in case you come walking by…
with a heart injured,
a soul crippled,
a spirit tired —
I will hold you,
I will pick you,
I will fix you.
And then I’d make a wish,
I’d say a prayer,
and gently blow your petals,
as they disperse into the air.
‘cause like my love,
you’re a dried dandelion,
not to be kept pressed between the pages of my book,
but to be set free.
Don’t you see?
Dried and wilted,
You’re still my dandelion,
Alive and capable,
meant for beautiful gardens,
meant for beautiful things.

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