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June 2018 Craftspiration: Doodlebug by Sobia Sayed

Gift Tags by Doodlebug

Hi guys! I’m back with this month’s craft inspiration! If you followed my last month’s post, you would know what this series is about. For new comers I’ll do a quick recap. Each month, I interview and feature one artist/craftsman/craftswoman/superhuman and introduce you guys to him/her. These are some of the people, I believe, who put their heart and soul into their craft. So without further adieu, let’s dive straight into this month’s feature!


 Doodle Bug by Sobia Sayed

Sobia Sayed

I started following Sobia’s work a very long time ago. The dexterity that she puts into her work is something that has always inspired me about her. I have personally seen her work, I have also ordered some of her work in the past so you can really count on my word when I say that she’s highly skilled. I recently had the opportunity to interview her for you guys, so read on! 🙂

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your educational background? Work history?

Sobia: Hello! My name is Sobia Sayed. I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I did my Bachelor’s in Art from PECHS Girls College. Also I did 4 year diploma in Textile Designing from Karachi School of Arts. I’m a Copperplate and Modern Calligrapher, lettering artist and a crafter. I am the creative head behind Doodle Bug a crafting company specialised in handmade cards and scrapbooks. I also run a textile based business by the name of WEAVED! specialised in handwoven products. I also do artwork for a customised wood products company by the name of Woodpecker.

Greeting Cards by Doodlebug

Greeting Card by Doodlebug

Q. Wow! You wear so many hats! Did you always want to pursue this field or did you have other plans?

Sobia: Being a Gemini my mood and interests change faster than a melting ice cream in Karachi’s heat!! As a kid I wanted to be a teacher, then my interest shifted to being a Doctor but soon I was grossed out by the fact that my hands would be touching the insides of a human and playing with blood covered organs *eww* so my mood then shifted to being a Dentist instead. But then I saw a Dentist literally half inside a man’s open mouth and I almost puked! So I shifted my focus in becoming a Fine Artist, only to get a very motivating feedback from my teacher stating that my sketches are too mechanical and not realistic. So I ended up spending 4 years in the Textile Department.

(Tasmiyah: Whaaaaaaatttt evennnn! How mean was that teacher?!)

Q. What’s the idea behind Doodle Bug and how did it start off?

Sobia: Doodle Bug started off as a hobby. (Tasmiyah: Like all awesome things!) I started making handmade cards when I was in 4th grade. I used to give handmade cards to my family, friends and teachers on Birthdays and Eids. I never bought a ready made card from a shop ever. I loved making cards and add all the tiny details in it. The idea behind Doodle Bug is to bring back the art of handmade greeting cards. Every card I make, is made with pure love, sentiments and hard work.

Q. What is your most favorite work so far?

Sobia: There are so many favourites. I take one order at a time and put all my efforts into it. All the scrapbooks I’ve made are my favourite. I sometimes find it difficult to part with the orders once they’re complete! Call me a little possessive 😀

Scrapbooks by Doodlebug

Scrapbook by Doodlebug

Scrapbooks by Doodlebug

Scrapbooks by Doodlebug

Q. And what has been your least favorite work?

Sobia: The least favourite ones are when the client asks me to make a card with ready-made cartoon characters like DORA, BEN10 etc. I feel the least creative when I have to make those.

Q. So we understand that you take orders for your work and custom make everything. What does a typical work day look like for you?

Sobia: Typical work day (and night!) is that first I plan out the whole project: What I want to make, which colour theme I want to use, etc and then just completely engross myself in my work in my studio-cum-room with a background music on or a movie. I can’t work quietly, I HAVE to have something running in the background! I don’t take many breaks. I like to make the most of my time at a stretch when my creative juices are flowing.

(Tasmiyah: I can relate to this in terms of writing! Creativity is like a revelation, jab aaye wusool kar leni chahye!)


Q. What’s the best place to buy art and craft supplies in your experience?

Sobia: Locally in Karachi the best places to buy art supplies are from S.Saeed in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Nazar Brothers in Tariq Road and Paras in DHA. These places are every artist’s paradise! I go in for one thing and come out with 10 more things! Sadly, these shops aren’t equipped with a wide range of Calligraphy products so for calligraphy and lettering supplies, Amazon, Paper and Ink Art (USA) and Ali Express are the best places.

Q. Have you ever experienced artist’s block? How do you overcome it?

Sobia: Every artist goes through this thing called “artist’s block”. It’s very common and also frustrating. But the best thing to do when you’re suffering from it is to relax, not panic and engage yourself in everyday work and not think about it too much. Go for shopping, read a book or watch a movie. Sooner or later you’ll get inspiration from the most unexpected place or thing: Like the ice cream cone you had in a mall or a word you read in a book or a wallpaper you saw in the movie. Inspiration strikes when you least expect it.

Q. Have you ever failed at something? What was it and how did you get yourself over it?

Sobia: Once a lady asked me to make a Quran Verse wall art for her daughter’s room. I was going on a short trip at that time. When I came back I totally forgot about it. Months later I came across her chat order. I was so utterly ashamed that I messaged her and apologised and promised to make it for her free of charge. The artwork is currently at the printer’s and will soon be delivered to her. I hope I did the right thing!

Greeting Card by Doodlebug

Greeting Card by Doodlebug

Q. What are you currently working on?

Sobia: I recently finished artwork on a huge bird house for Woodpecker. Now I am back to Doodle Bug orders, making some place cards for an Iftar party and envelopes for Eidi =)

Q. What’s in store for Doodle Bug fans? What is it that you’re going to or want to make next?

Sobia: Doodle Bug fans will soon get their hands on customised badges/buttons. Also working on some more cute merchandise!

Q. Sounds exciting! Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Sobia: My inspirations are my eldest siblings. My eldest sister is a lot into art and craft. She used to paint before but now she’s a professional baker. Her cakes are truly a work of art! I also am deeply inspired by my brother’s calligraphy skills and amazing penmanship. But I think, my biggest inspiration are my parents. They are the ones who encouraged me to do things I always wanted to do and they always supported me in that. Their hard-working nature and the sacrifices they have made for us have had the biggest impact on me. They always taught me to be honest, kind and caring towards others.

Greeting Card by Doodlebug

Greeting Card by Doodlebug

Q. What is something that you have learnt from your work?

Sobia: My work has taught me patience to deal with difficult situations, to be nice and kind when a client is being difficult, to always have a Plan B in case things go wrong or ideas don’t work out, to plan out the whole thing and execute those plans in an organized manner in order to deliver the best results.

Q. Is there any advice that you would like to give to other budding artists?

Sobia: Don’t compare yourself or your work with other artists. You have your own unique style, take inspiration from other’s but don’t copy. Learn, do research, ask questions and just practice, practice and practice. You will eventually become the best =)

Tasmiyah: Thank you so much, Sobia, for taking the time out for my readers!

Gift Tags by Doodlebug

Gift Tags by Doodlebug


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this interview. I think her work speaks for itself (see pictures above!). I’m totally in love with all her projects. If you’d like to place an order with Sobia, you can do so on her Facebook page. Also do follow her on Instagram to be awestruck by her feed 😀

Sobia’s Social Links:

If you’re a budding crafter and you want to be featured in my monthly craftspiration posts, then get in touch with me through email. I would love to do a story on you too!

P.S. All photos in this post belong to the artist. Any unsolicited use of these photos would result in you answering to Allah miyan on judgement day.

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