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Why I Blog

I wake up every morning to see your lovely comments, messages and ‘likes’ on my social media pages. It makes me happy to see the love this small virtual family showers on me. I have met some real genuinely nice people through this platform and this is what I feel is the best thing about being a blogger.

It was never about the number of followers for me or the number of brands I work with. It was also never about earning money from blogging. And never will be. I don’t earn a dime from any of what I do. Friends and family often tag me in “looking for bloggers” ads on social media and while I appreciate them looking out for me, I never reach out to those opportunities. (Maybe the right opportunity is yet to come – something which truly makes me want to support a brand).

On a typical blog day, I find myself writing (of course), doing photography for my posts, brainstorming on ideas about new posts and replying to your comments. When people say that woh tou shouqiya kar rahi hai (she’s only doing it for fun), it hurts. Trust me, if I wanted to kill time, I have a subscription of Netflix, unlimited supply of food and a very strong to desire to sleep 24/7. The thing is, I have a vision for this space. I want this website to grow and become your one stop shop for inspiration. I want people to hit my blog URL whenever they feel low and get an instant dose of refreshment. To achieve this ‘character’, I need to blog regularly, produce meaningful content consistently. And that too not a calculated, constructed, artificially produced kind of meaningful content which has the stamp of “sponsored” all over it, but truly honest, inspiring, quality content.

Wese agar apko pata ho, blogging has been around for quite a few years now. It started as something healthy where people would write on topics they believed in and share it publicly. It inspired reading and writing, both of which are very healthy hobbies, in my opinion. If you go back even further, people used to publish their opinion pieces in famous newspapers and magazines. Over the years, with the advent of micro-blogging platforms, people’s short attention span and some influencers’ greed for PR packages, blogging has become something commercial. I won’t go into the details of it right now but it’s true that in a world full of bloggers and influencers, it is a little difficult to find people who have a true voice.

My following is really small right now, but it doesn’t matter to me at all. What matters more to me is the fact that I am able to produce meaningful content for all of you. My earnings are made up of the love and support that you guys send my way (no matter how cliche that sounds but it’s true). I love this tiny community of kind people I have here. Some of you blow me away with the kind of humans you are, the struggles you have lived, the things you aspire to do. The fact that I can ‘follow’ you as you discover yourself and your life is mind-blowingly awesome. Some of you are master chefs of your world. Some are travellers and discoverers. Some of you are parents to cute little angels who will go on to do awesome things. Some of you are moving and building your life in a new country. The fact that I get to be there while you do amazing things is huge. This is what I am here for: to inspire and be inspired by all of YOU.

So when we leave each other our precious likes and comments, it might seem that wow this person is so popular they have 47281638399 comments on their post, all it really means is that we support each other and bring each other up. The platforms will keep changing their algorithms of determining engagement but they can never influence the human connection we all have between us. Thank you for being part of my journey and making me part of yours 💙


  1. Saima says

    Love your posts , Tasmiyah. They are simple, visionary and definitely leave a lasting impression on the reader. For all you do, for who you are, I will be forever grateful to be a part of your virtual family 😊

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