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Iznik Pottery Inspired Corner Table

Custom made iznik pottery inspired corner table by Woodpecker

My husband and I share a small room in our home. Most of the space is taken up by our bed, the rest of it by the dressing table and cupboard. So that leaves very little room for any other decor element or even an extra storage space.

When I moved here after getting married, my inner decor keera wanted to glam up the space even more. I wanted to add little touches of myself to the room and because I love plants so naturally I wanted to add a few here and there. There was one particular empty corner that I could utilise but because the space was small, I did not want to put a huge object there, such as a corner plant, only to suffocate the overall room even more. So if I were to ever add plants, it was only going to be small succulents or cacti or something that is very low-maintenance.

Moving to plan B, I was really into iznik pottery pieces. Cups, plates, wall hangings and the likes! I saw these tables at the Global Village in Dubai and this is when I made up my mind to build a small custom-made corner table to add to my room decor:


Tables for sale at The Global Village, Dubai


Tables for sale at The Global Village, Dubai

To find the ceramic tile to be fitted in my custom built table, I contacted a business on Facebook who at that moment did not have any iznik tiles available but were willing to have them brought over from Turkey. However, their quoted price was way too high for just one tile that I needed. As this table had no functional purpose in the room, and it was only going to be used for decor purposes, I decided to not splurge on something like this and hence decided to get the whole thing custom made!

This was when I contacted my friends at Woodpecker. Woodpecker is an online furniture business that specialises in coffee tables, book shelves and any wood based home decor. Their speciality is in making things from scratch and by hand. What I love about their work is that they have a couple of artists on board with them who add artistic touch to otherwise boring wooden pieces.

I told Woodpecker about what I wanted over a nice chat on Facebook. I gave them pictures of my inspirations and ideas and laid out the size and dimensions of the table that I wanted them to make. The result was this beautiful and intricately hand crafted corner table that is now my favorite piece of furniture in my room!

Custom made iznik pottery inspired corner table by Woodpecker

Custom made iznik pottery inspired corner table by Woodpecker

They even got the tile on my behalf, had their artist paint an iznik inspired pattern on it (which I had given them), fitted the tile in the centre of the wood and even delivered the final product to my doorstep!


Beautifully hand-painted tile fitted into the table by artists at Woodpecker


Because this table was supposed to sit in a gloomy corner, therefore I had specifically asked them to make it according to the specifications I provide (that is the size and all). And as the size is small, it barely cost me anything! It cost me around PKR 6500 which is a GREAT deal considering the fact that if I had wanted to purchase something similar from global village, it would have cost me an arm and leg. Also, because I wanted it to be a specific size in order to fit into my space.

I totally love this table and I keep changing things up around it. Sometimes I put a small lucky bamboo plant over it (which by the way, I propagated myself) and place it in a corner, other times it holds my cacti plants and sits along with other elements in my room.


If you’d like to check out the work Woodpecker does, you can visit them on their social media pages below:



I hope you like my cute little corner table. Let me know your thoughts 🙂


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