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Tea Time Talk: Ramzaan Mubarak and Other Things

I’m sitting here with my cup of tea post-iftaar and thought I might do this month’s tea talk with you guys as well. Hope you all are having a fabulous Ramzaan so far, even though it has been only two rozas so far.

Yesterday after breaking the fast I had a life-changing thought. We were sitting around the table enjoying a freshly prepared meal, laughing and having a general light-hearted discussion with the family. It suddenly struck me that there must be people out there who don’t have families, who are right now probably breaking their fast alone. While we have ample food on the table, someone somewhere might have just gotten back from work and might not have had energy to cook a hot meal. While I fussed over making parathas for sehri in this hot weather, someone somewhere doesn’t even know if they would be able to afford to eat anything at all in their sehri. While we were enjoying the jug full of chilled lassi, someone out there might not have had access to clean and cold drinking water to quench their thirst.

All of this may sound very cliched, but at that moment, it hit me really hard. I felt the true essence of fasting and instantly thanked Allah miyaan for the blessings we have today. Someone once advised me that whenever you feel low or overwhelmed by the problems in your life, always look for people who are in a worse situation than you. It makes you feel a bit more thankful.

With that being said, there was another thing on my mind a couple of days back. Someone suggested to me that I should write less content in my blog posts because people have low attention span and might not follow till the end. While that’s true and I respect the advice, I believe that if I take out the words from my posts, it would be like taking out the soul. I personally feel that if someone really likes your content, they would go the extra mile and read the entire post. (Maybe even grab something to drink while reading it :D) and if my content really doesn’t serve their purpose then there are a gazillion other content creators who are doing amazing things out there.

Hope you enjoyed this tea talk and thank you for sticking with me 🙂

Have a blessed Ramzaan!

Header Image: Chai time (read: best time) at The Pavilions Himalayas in Pokhara, Nepal (Feb 2017). Just thought the picture goes with the caption :p

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