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Re-purposing a Men’s Kurta

embroidered kurta

A fun (or funny) mini embroidery project I did with my brother’s old kurta.

Does anyone here agree with me that men’s clothing, especially kurtas, are more elegant than women’s phooldar kameezes? Wear chunky jewellery over it, carry a vibrant bag with it, pair it with jeans and a bright coloured scarf – there are so many way you can style a simple kurta for any occasion! These days I’m actively searching for brands that offer simple printed or embroidered clothing for women. I am totally done with elaborate prints that make us look like a walking bedsheet. Even well known brands that I used to love are either making too busy prints or insanely flowy cuts for women.

While I was wondering about all of this, my brother discarded one of his kurtas. Because of my new-found obsession with learning embroidery, I decided to use that kurta as a canvas for my first embroidery project.

I started off by searching patterns that I would want to trace over the shirt. Now it’s a tad bit challenging when you have to trace and embroider over an already stitched cloth. I decided to go free style with the pattern. I hand drew the pattern over the shirt and started adding stitches over it. Obviously because it was hand drawn, it was not perfect or symmetrical, and also because I was missing some very essential embroidery tools. You can notice in the images that my flowers are a bit weirded out LOL.

I did end up liking the pop of colours that were added to the otherwise dull looking shirt. I so believe that I can improve on my technique. There’s still a LONG way to go.

The shirt was then gifted to my sister who often flaunts it on chill evenings.

Let me know of any fun embroidery projects that you might have done! Also let me know if you have ever borrowed or re-purposed men’s clothing for your own use! I’m really hungry for ideas 🙂

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