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Dahi Baigan for Healthy and Hearty Snacking

dahi baigan

Try this quick and easy snack for tea parties, ramzaan meals, or simply for bewaqt ki bhook!

Every year when Ramzan is right around the corner, I find myself making a list of foods I need to help me combat the struggles of garmiyon ke rozay. I obsess over this list and I know that you’ll say that, “Girl, ramzan is about spirituality and not about aaj iftar mein kia khaein ge“, but truth be told, when you are the lady of the house, you can’t ignore the well-being of your family and only focus on your prayer. So this little pre-planning helps me keep my cool during the busy days of ramzan. It only helps you work faster in the kitchen when you know what is it that you’ll end up preparing rather than spending loads of precious time just thinking about it and feeling miserable on a grumbling stomach.

The first item on this year’s list is: Dahi Baigan (Bringals in Yogurt). Now this can also be something that you can make for tea parties, an evening snack, appetiser, iftaar, or simply when you are craving something savory and healthy.

Serves: 4 people


2-3 medium sized bringals (baigan) sliced
1/2 kg yogurt
1 tsp Zeera powder
1 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp salt or as per taste
a pinch of sugar or as per taste
Oil/ghee for frying and tempering

Tempering masalas:

Curry leaves, zeera, chilli flakes, rai dana.


1) Shallow fry the sliced bringals. Sprinkle salt on them while frying. Set aside to cool.

2) Prepare yogurt: Add salt, chilli powder, garlic paste, zeera powder and sugar to the yogurt and mix.

3) Take a dish (not too deep and not too shallow) Layer the fried cooled bringals at the bottom. Pour the yogurt mixture on it.

4) Prepare the tarka/tempering: In oil or ghee, add all the tempering masalas listed above and fry until it splutters and turns aromatic. Pour the tarka over the yogurt.

5) Dig in!

P.S. You can also bake or air-fry the baigans. The idea is to make them crispy on the outside and soft and cooked from the inside.

P.P.S. The secret ingredient is the tarka. Please don’t skip it!

Let me know in the comments if you like this quick and easy recipe.


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