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Seychelles Trip [Part 3]: Exploring Eden Island, Mahe

eden island luxury accommodation in seychelles

Seychelles’ luxury accommodation, 4 private beaches, a golf cart to go about and more!

If you haven’t read the previous parts yet, now would be a good time to check them out: Part 1, Part 2

Saying goodbye to Praslin and especially Villa Belle Plage (our accommodation) wasn’t easy. I loved the peaceful vibes of Praslin, the homely feels of Bert’s beachfront hideaway, the perfect roads lined with lush green trees, the clear views of the airport runway everyday during our commute to and from our home – Praslin was heaven for us.

But much more was waiting for us in Mahe.

mahe windmills seychelles

The iconic windmills of Mahe, Seychelles, as seen from our ferry upon arrival.

Before boarding our ferry to Mahe, we had a few hours which we utilized in chilling at a wonderful coffee shop we discovered near the port. It was called No1 Baie Sainte Anne/Jenny’s Bakery.


View from the upper deck of Catcocos ferry.

Afterwards, we headed onto the harbour and returned our hired car, hopped onto our ferry and reached Mahe. Upon arrival, we had no car so we had to take a taxi to reach our accommodation # 2 in Seychelles: Eden Island.

Just to let you know, taxis cost a lot in Seychelles. So if you plan to go out and about it’s preferred to rent a car for the duration of your stay. (We got it in EUR 45 per day).

Eden Island, Seychelles

Welcome to Eden Island.

We had rented a place on Airbnb in Eden Island which is a man-made island in a marine reserve that offers gorgeous luxury accommodation in the form of apartments, villas and maisons. (From what we understood, a maison is home that is a little bigger in size than the other two). The homes come semi-furnished and people can buy or rent them. I have been told that if you buy a property in Seychelles, you also get eligible for citizenship of the country. (Retirement goals much?).

eden island luxury homes

Pyare ghar in Eden Island. These were the villas, I think.

The island offers four beautiful private beaches (but not as beautiful as the ones in La Digue and Praslin!), a clubhouse with indoor games such as pool, table tennis etc, a gym and a swimming pool that is free to use for the residents of Eden Island! The island also has a wonderful shopping plaza called Eden Plaza that has a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops. There’s a supermarket called Spar as well which is open all days a week. However, things are a bit expensive there as compared to STC Hypermarket which is located only 6 minutes away from Eden Island by car.

Once we reached Eden Island, we waited at the Village Management Association (VMA) office to go through the check-in formalities. Our host was Marilyn who lives in South Africa but rents out her gorgeous Eden Island apartment on Airbnb for people like us. Her manageress Beryl was kind enough to accompany us to our apartment, showed us around the place and shared her contact details in case we needed any help.

marina view from terrace in eden island

Killer view from our terrace!

Btw, the VMA guys take care of everything on the island. Housekeeping, plumbing, electricity issues – they take care of it all. Think of it more like a housing society in Seychelles surrounded by water. As for the house, we had zero complaints. The house was fully functional with a bedroom, attached bathroom, a porch, TV lounge and a kitchen equipped with everything: electric stove, oven, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, washing machine, iron, a bbq grill!

We stayed in Eden Island for around 4 days and would go out to explore other parts of Mahe almost everyday. In the next few blog posts, I’ll take you guys around Mahe, but right now I gotta show you around Eden!

Gorgeous Marina Views

Eden Plaza


The most delicious cinnamon icecream I have ever had. Actually, the only cinnamon icecream I have ever had :p

Oh by the way!! The most exciting part of staying at Eden island was the fact that every resident gets a golf cart/buggy to commute within Eden Island! It was so much fun driving this thing. Of course you can’t take it outside Eden island, but that place itself is huge and a couple of times we even got lost. Thanks to a map that Beryl had given us, we were able to get back to our apartment 😀 During one of our rides, we even shamelessly stalked a couple of homes (only to see how gorgeous they looked from the outside – no other reason, what did you think? :P)


Entrance to our apartment building. Can you spot the buggy?

Anyway, loved staying here for the duration of our stay in Mahe. Eden Island was so rich, it made me feel ghareeb 😛 I just felt that it had a touch of luxury to it, which is good sometimes, but sometimes not needed. In no way this is a negative review for the place. The place is the BOMB really. It just doesn’t resonate with my idea of living. It’s a great place to live if you’re on a vacation or own a yatch (cause you get your private mooring too), but not if you plan to raise chickens there. Lol.


A killer sunrise :O :O

beautiful sunset marina eden island seychelles

and just another magnificent sunset we got to witness every other day. No big deal. *cries*

Until next time.


Some Useful Links:

No1 Baie Sainte Anne/Jenny’s Bakery: Location.
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