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Pearl Continental, Muzaffarabad

The whole idea of this holiday was to relax, and there is no better place to relax in Muzaffarabad than Pearl Continental Hotel.



Jee tou aisa hai ke on my trip to Muzaffarabad, we stayed at Pearl Continental Hotel, and we simply loved it! Read about the trip in detail here and here by the way. The whole idea of this holiday was to relax, and there is no better place to relax in Muzaffarabad than Pearl Continental Hotel.

We spent 3 nights at this beautiful hotel and we simply loved it.


The location of this hotel is amazing. It stands tall on a hill top so it’s away from the noise of the city and also has gorgeous city and river views!

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-26 at 12.08.06 AM

View from hotel’s front lawn. Photo Credits: El Arte Doodles

On the downside, the location is a little bit cut-off from the rest of the world, so if you need a ride down to the market, you’ll need a car to drop you. This was the case with my parents as you need stamina to do that downhill and then uphill walk. However, I think had I gone here with my husband, we would’ve been walking multiple times that road with little or no effort (Thank you young age – Yeh jawani phir nahi ani).


You can reach PC Muzaffarabad via google maps here. However, if you need pick and drop service, the hotel offers that. We got picked up from a relative’s place in Islamabad and from there it was 3-4 hours drive to Muzaffarabad. Their car took us straight to the hotel itself with a couple of resting stops here and there. On checkout, the same car dropped us all the way to Islamabad airport. They charged extra for this service but it was worth it.


The whole architecture of the hotel is amazing. The rooms and lobby area etc are all well planned. The hotel has huge lawns and gardens ideal for relaxing and enjoying the stunning mountain and city views. The lawns are perfectly manicured with a nice little play area for kids as well.

The whole place has a very quiet and peaceful feel to it and this is exactly what we were looking for! Also, we visited in October, so the weather was very pleasant throughout the day with a very slight chill at night. Often I would go out and relax in the gardens early morning to breathe that fresh air.


The rooms are clean and cosy. No complains here. Beds are comfortable and clean. We had a slight issue with ants, but as soon as we called housekeeping they came almost instantly and took care of that problem.

Water bottles in the room are quite less if there are 2-3 people staying. They only give two small complimentary water bottles per day which in my opinion are not enough for the entire day.

Bathrooms are spotless clean with really nice amenities. They have separate toilet and shower area and a bath tub as well. However, if you take a bath in the tub, chances are that water might flow out of the window and come into your room (we had this problem!). I don’t know why they have installed a decorative window right next to the tub in the bathroom! It doesn’t even open and water flows out of the tiny gaps – doesn’t make sense! Alternatively you can take a bath in the shower and not the tub.



Dining Area – Marcopolo Restaurant

Food at the hotel was okay. Breakfast was nice. We didn’t try the lunch and dinner menus. We tried the Hi-Tea on our first day though and we simply loved it! However not that impressed with breakfast. One day the halwa poori and aloo sabzi tasted weird and old. We preffered eating out at Neelum View Hotel or Sangam Hotel due to taste and price point.


The hotel is very kind enough to arrange a car for you for all your tours and excursions. They have a desk at the hotel specifically for this purpose. They also arrange tours to Keran, Neelum Valley and beyond, however we found the tours very expensive. We could have arranged at cheaper rates from some other local tour operator, I guess. We only took one tour to Pir Chanasi from Pearl Tours at the hotel and felt that that was enough expenditure for our trip :p


The good thing about their cars is that they are comfortable and the ride is pretty smooth.


Location:  Upper Chattar, Muzaffarabad (map)
Hotel Type: High-End (4-5 Stars)
Air-Conditioning/Heater: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Services: Breakfast included, free wifi, restaurant, lounge, business centre, function halls/meeting rooms, airport transfers, laundry, fitness centre/gym, free parking, kids’ play area.

If you want to learn more about Muzaffarabad and stuff to do there, feel free to check out my earlier posts here and here.

+ All pictures are my own work, unless otherwise credited. This is not a sponsored review and all opinions are my own.

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