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Karachi to Islamabad Green Line Train – All You Need to Know

This is a guest post by Sobia Sayed who recently travelled to Islamabad from Karachi via the Green Line Train and had an awesome experience. She’s been generous enough to share titbits about the train journey with you guys!

Hello Everyone!

I want to share my experience of Green Line train with all of you!

Just a few weeks ago, I travelled from Karachi to Islamabad and back all on my own and I must say it was a very satisfying experience! I was greatly impressed by the service and cleanliness of the Green Line Express and I recommend everyone to travel on it at least once in their life!

Many people refrain from train travel in Pakistan fearing about the quality of service and safety, and while we do agree that sometimes things get unpredictable in Pakistan, it’s not the end of the world all the time! My experience of travelling by this train as a solo female traveller (wait what? Oh yes!) was awesome!

Here are some details about the train along with my review:

Ticket Cost and Journey:


  • Karachi to Pindi/Islamabad upper class (AC) ticket cost is Rs.5990 with 3 meals included in it.
  • The train makes 5 stops between Karachi to Pindi and 6 stops if you’re going to Islamabad.
  • The route is usually: Karachi – Hyderabad – Rohri – Bahawalpur – Khanewal – Lahore – Pindi – Islamabad
  • The total travel time is about 22 hours (approx).

Cabin Facilities:

  • Each carriage has 9 cabins and each cabin can accommodate just about 6 passengers.
  • There are 3 beds on either side of the cabin with pillows and blankets.
  • There’s a TV with fixed programs/channels in each cabin.
  • There’s a facility to charge your cell phone in each cabin.

Food and Other Amenities:



  • Breakfast is usually an Omelette, 3 bread slices with jam, butter and tea.
  • Lunch/Dinner is usually Rice, daal, chicken gravy, achaar, naan and yogurt.
  • Early Evening around 5-6 PM, they serve tea and sandwiches.
  • Additionally you can purchase tea for Rs.30 if you’re a chai addict and need more than 1 cup 🙂
  • You can purchase snacks and soft drinks as well.
  • The food trays were quite hygienic and nicely covered in cling film.
  • The train also provided us with a Morning Kit that included a toothbrush, a tooth paste, comb, liquid soap, wet tissues and a face towel.
  • There is a water dispenser in each carriage.

Hospitality and Cleanliness:

  • The staff cleans the cabin and carriage 3-4 times during the journey and spray a nice air freshener before leaving.
  • The staff is very nice and humble and is always ready to help and guide you in anyway.
  • There are two toilets per carriage that are as big as any aircraft toilet, with a mirror, sink, liquid hand-wash, toilet roll and a Muslim shower.

Tips for Solo Female Travellers:

  • If you’re a girl and travelling alone, and you mention this at the time of buying the ticket, they try to place you in a women’s-only cabin or place you in a family cabin.

I hope these pointers help you guys out if you’re planning to travel by Green Line soon.

Have a nice day!

About the Author

Sobia Sayed is a Textile Designer and a superb crafter. She also runs her own crafts businesses: Doodle Bug and Weaved! She is a calligraphy and lettering enthusiast and an avid traveller. Follow her on instagram to see her cool work!


  1. Shuja says

    All these facilities were also available in Business Train, I travelled to Lahore from Karachi two years ago and i was impressed too with their service. Hope our Railway will progress and at least maintain such experience. We have already lost of flagship airline PIA!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is it possible to buy all 6 tickets if a family is just three people and want to reserve the entire space?


  3. MUHAMMAD Rashid says

    Thanks för your travel experience share on green line train. I am also planning to go on greenline from lahore to karachi. Which berth you recommend me for best outer views? as I love to see outside Scenic views while travelling.
    Also let me know this train reaches within timeframe or late etc etc.


    • Hi Muhammad Rashid,

      The author’s reply is as follows: Train doesn’t really reach on time.. depends on weather.. but it varies from 1-2 hours. All the berths have windows so you’ll get to see scenery easily. You can sit outside your compartment as well as there are jump seats in the every coach. You will not be able to see that much scenery from Lahore to Karachi as the train from Lahore leaves at night and most of the scenic views and greenery are in Punjab side. By morning you will be in Sindh which isn’t as green as Punjab. Also try to get the middle berth for sleeping as it has more room compared to top one and bottom one. Hope this answers your query.

      Also sorry for the late reply. Safe travels.


  4. Mrs Tasneem Farooq says

    We travelled from Islamabad to Karachi 11 days ago , it was an amazing experience, what made our travel easier was the facility of tea , dinner , and breakfast , bedding ( all paid in the ticket ) …
    Now today we are traveling back to Islamabad … after train started a guy told us that the administration has cancelled all the facilities ..now we will have to pay for everything 😡 …
    Why should we pay rs. 5400/ for nothing …
    We choose Green Lines because of these facilities … We could have travelled in A/C train in Rs. 3500/ ….
    Humaray mulk ka kuch nahin honay wala 😞 …
    Allah kay bandon achay kamon ko continue nahin rakh saktay hoo 🤔😞


  5. Imran says

    Worst experience with green line. I traveled with my wife and infant, they cram 6 people in one small cabin. So I had 4 weird males and had to sit in that hell more the 24 hours. The inspector and conductor didn’t not listen when i requested to adjust us with some family in an other cabin and started yelling at me, me my wife and kid had most uncomfortable journey sitting with all those strange males, the also stoped serving food and even charging if you need a pillow or blanket. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FAMILIES OR FEMALES.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Imran, I’ve been hearing bad reviews recently. It really saddens me to learn about your dreadful experience. Wish the state of affairs in our country improves soon 😔


  6. MAHAM says

    I travelled from khi to Bahwalpur through green line in Sep 2016 and had an amazing experience. Really disappointed to read the recent reviews though :/ . I got all the facilities mentioned in the post above included in the ticket. And on our way back to khi our cabin had three men and we were three ladies so the management shifted me to the all ladies cabin. I personally thought we should buy the whole berths to experience the good travels without anyone intruding. Because the journey is so long


  7. Inayat says

    I want to travel through Green line from khi to Isamabad with my Wife,3 Daughter(4 to 10 year) and Son 2.5 year old.how much cost will be of ac cabin?


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