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5 Bloggers Who Know Their Game

Just some 2 AM deep thoughts: I used to blog A LOT during my university years, then I left the scene as I had other goals to achieve. Now that I have returned, I find it really hard to put my voice out there. 

I’m not trying to be judgemental or anything, but it appears to me that any person with a twitter following claims to be a ‘blogger’ these days. Enters micro-blogging. It has made becoming viral even simpler. Now I don’t have anything against anyone, neither is this a stunt to get famous or anything. These are just general observations that I have made so far.

Microblogging is great. As long as it is done with the intention of posting content that people actually can relate to or benefit from, content that is genuinely informative and beautiful. Content that is not posted as an attempt to sound famous or being “cool”.

What I personally feel is that being viral versus being credible are two totally different things. Unfortunately, the trend that I have observed since re-entering the game is that most bloggers and microbloggers would grasp every opportunity to partner with any brand possible and will promote anything that comes around the corner.

Blogging, if done rightly, is not easy. Tremendous amount of hardwork goes into one single post that goes out there. There is research, writing, taking and editing photos and videos, managing your social media presence, maintain partner relationships – in short, truck loads of hard work. You need to come up with original content, something that resonates with your readers as well as your own work ethic. It is also SO important to have a work ethic and to stick to that. Sadly, there is a lot of noise out there where every other person who knows even an ounce about anything claims to be a lifestyle blogger. There are only a few that cut through all this and stand out. Their work speaks for themselves.

Below are 5 of my all time favorite bloggers/vloggers/youtubers whom I have been following for quite some time now. Not only do they put in a lot of effort in their work, they all also have a style that is unique to their personalities. You should check them out too!

5 Bloggers Who Know Their Game.png

1) Shehzeen Rehman – The Desi Wonder Woman

shehzeen rehman the desi wonder woman

Shehzeen, a blogger based in Dubai, writes about lifestyle, fashion and travel. Her happy-go-lucky writing style and her flawless design sense is what makes her blog so attractive. Shehzeen likes to write about stuff she personally cares about, so you will rarely find her boasting about something average. I personally loved her apartment makeover posts where she completely transformed her tiny living space into a cosy heaven!


2) Amena – Pearl Daisy

amena pearl daisy

Amena is a UK based vlogger and entrepreneur who does awesome hijaab and makeup tutorials. She has a wide variety of products available for purchase on her website. What I love about this beauty is that she makes doing hijaab sound like so much fun and fashionable while maintaining modesty. Her husband often pops up in her youtube videos and both of them are simply couple goals ♥


3) Mr. Jovita George

mr jovita george

A beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger/vlogger, Jovita George is Kuwait based and has a personality full of bubbles and butterflies! Her videos are fun and full of energy. The best thing about her is that she advocates being comfortable in your own skin and shuns the age-old belief that fair is lovely. Her videos are a proof of the fact that everyone can wear kick-ass makeup and look drop-dead gorgeous regardless of their skin colour. And guys, just look how pretty she is! *fan girl-ing so bad*


4) Kelsey Johnson – Lipstick and Luggage

kelsey johnson lipstick and luggage

Kelsey is a dubai-based blogger who is also Cabin Crew at Emirates. Through her blog she writes about her experiences as a flight attendant and about her adventures around the globe! I am a huge aviation enthusiast, so I love following her as she goes about travelling the world with Emirates. Her posts on ‘Layover Life’ are the most interesting where she tells us about all the fun stuff she’s up to at her destination!


5) Bhavna – Just a Girl from Mumbai

Bhavna Just a girl from mumbai

Bhavna, originally from Mumbai, India, and now living in Australia, is a food blogger who entices us with her authentic Indian recipes. Her blog’s philosophy is to share recipes that are easy to understand and prepare. She often talks about how cooking is easy and no one should hide behind the excuse of not having time to cook at home. What I love about her is that she promotes cooking wholesome desi meals at home and most of her recipes are perfect for people who have full-time jobs!


Hope you enjoy reading/watching them as much as I do! 🙂

+ All images are owned by the bloggers.

+ All opinions are my own.


    • Hi Ruari! The list is not an ordered list! These are just some of my favorite bloggers in no specific order☺️


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