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Muslim Food Troubles: What to Eat in Nepal?!

Travelling as a Muslim around the world means you can eat strictly Halal food only. Then there are some beghairat people who go on and still eat non-halal food, consume alcohol, and engage in activities that are strictly forbidden in Islam the minute their plane takes off from their home country.

Going abroad on a ‘vacation’ doesn’t mean that you forget your values and your limits, but some people take their ticket to Sin City way too literally.

Enough lecture. I take my food very seriously :p So when we went to Nepal, naturally availability of halal food was a concern. Luckily, we found out that 3% of Nepal’s population is Muslim (mostly Kashmiri Muslims), so halal food was available but scarce.

halal food nepal

Below are 8 amazing places in Nepal where you can either find Halal food or Vegetarian food to satisfy those hunger pangs after a rigorous hiking trip!

1) Casa Pagoda Restaurant & Bar, Patan*

Cuisine: Nepali/Asian
Location: Patan (map)

nepali food momos vegetarian dumplings

Veg Momos

2) Hotel Friend’s Home, Kathmandu*

Cuisine: Nepali/Continental
Location: Thamel, Kathmandu (map)

veg fried rice kathmandu hotel friends home

Veg Fried Rice

3) Anatolia Restaurant, Kathmandu

Cuisine: Turkish/Indian
Location: Thamel, Nepal (map)

tikka masala curry with hot naan flatbread anatolia restaurant halal food in kathmandu

Tikka Masala Curry with Hot Naans (Flat Bread)

4) Punjabi Restaurant, Pokhara*

Cuisine: Indian/Asian/Vegetarian
Location: Middlepath Street, Pokhara (map)

traditional thaali vegetarian indian food punjabi restaurant

Traditional Indian/Veg Thaali

5) Hotel Middlepath, Pokhara*

Cuisine: Nepali/Continental
Location: Middlepath Street, Pokhara (map)

Veg Pakoray, Daal Fry and Hot Chapatis hotel middlepath pokhara vegetarian food

Veg Pakoray, Daal Fry and Hot Chapatis

6) Pokhara Halal Food Land

Cuisine: Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern
Location: Lakeside Road, Pokhara (map)


Clockwise: Veg Biryani, Chicken Tikka, Veg Fried Rice

7) Or2k Restaurant, Pokhara*

Cuisine: Mediterranean/Asian/Middle Eastern
Location: Lakeside Road, Pokhara (map)

vegetarian thaali or2k restaurant

Veg Thaali at Or2k Restaurant

8) The Pavilions Himalayas Resort

Cuisine: Nepali/Asian/Continental
Location: Chisapani, Pokhara (map)


Pan Fried Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce and Nepali Thaali


Veg Fried Rice, Pasta, Potato Cutlets


Other interesting places to check out: Fish Tail Lodge, Godfather’s Pizzeria, Zayqaa/Lazeez Halal Restaurant.

+ All images are my own work, unless otherwise credited.

+ Read more about my Nepal travel stories here.

* These restaurants do not have halal meat, but they have vegetarian which is equally awesome.


  1. Sarah says

    I really enjoy your writing style! 😀
    This piece of info is very useful for those who are particular about halal food abroad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Some of this food is veg only. Which is okay for us. What makes me sad is that many people abroad give in to the societal pressures and eat haram meat and consume alcohol. Makes me sad!


  2. Natalia says

    Very useful info. I would love to get some more details about Pavilions – do they serve halal food or only vegetarian options? Thanks!


    • Hi. When I emailed them about the same, they said that only halal chicken is available. Later when I asked the waiter at their restaurant, he was skeptic about what halal is. So we had our doubts and stuck to veg options only which are delicious too.


      • Natalia says

        Thank you💗 last year we visited Pavilions in Phuket. It was truly amazing experience. So now we are wondering about Pavilions Himalayas. And your posts are soo helpful by the way!


      • Thanks! I’m happy to hear that! I have a full review of their hotel as well. Do go through that! 🙂


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