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Review: Hotel Middlepath

If you’ve followed my trip to Pokhara, Nepal, you must be aware that I planned this trip on a strict, limited budget without compromising on the fun part. How I got around doing this comprises of many factors such as, booking tickets on a budget-friendly airline, choosing to walk around town rather than getting taxis, eating local food, etc. This allowed us to invest major part of our money on activities and adventures.

Another crucial action-item while planning this trip was choosing the accommodation. For this, I researched extensively on what the destination is offering for the minimum cost and how much up and down does my budget allow me to go. Luckily, accommodation in Pokhara (3 Stars and less) is very economical, and this meant that I could still enjoy the perks of a 5 Star resort for a few nights if I chose a cheaper hotel for the rest of the nights. This way, we stayed for 5 nights out of the 8 total nights we had in Pokhara, at a mid-range hotel and the last 3 nights at a high-end resort. Talk about best of both worlds 😉

You’ve already read all about my luxury-loaded stay at The Pavilions Himalayas so this post is going to be about the other 5 nights that we spent in Pokhara at a very cosy, friendly, mid-priced hotel called “Hotel Middlepath & Spa“.

Hotel Middlepath




The location of this hotel is ideal for tourists. It is right on the Middlepath street which leads us to the Lakeside road where all the action happens. The Lakeside Road is by the lakeside (news flash) and it is lined with shops, tour agents, cafes, restaurants – all the fun stuff. So if you stay at Middlepath Hotel, you will be able to walk within 8-10 minutes to the lakeside.

Hotel and Grounds

The hotel is cute and cosy. It’s not the luxury resort level cosy, but the homely kind. It makes you feel like you’re at a friend’s place – so comfortable. I’ll get to the rooms in a while, but I want to let you guys know that this hotel has the most gorgeous courtyards ever!


Entrance to the Courtyard

As you enter the building, there is a reception and a mini-lounge/sitting area and across the hall there is a door which leads you to the courtyard.


The whole courtyard is decorated with amazing landscaping and cosy nooks (sitting areas made of benches chairs, coffee tables) are tucked in between the plants for you to sit back and relax.



We used to be out exploring the city most of the day time so didn’t get a chance to hang out here for a long time, but the place is promising for a cup of coffee or traditional Nepali chai in the evenings.




The Courtyard would really come alive at night especially. Just look at the pictures to believe!


The rooms are basic, clean and cosy. Like your average nani ammi ka kamra (grandma’s room). Lol. I’d like to think that they have rooms with zero fuss.


Usually when you go for a mid-range accommodation, you are greeted with shabby furniture, unkept amenities, and overall a dirty environment. But Middlepath is none of these things. Even though the rooms do not have a high-end interior, they’ve managed to keep them clean and proper – which, honestly, works for me if I’m not being ripped off my pockets.



The bathrooms are also pretty basic but SO CLEAN. No complains here at all.


Food is pretty good. We had breakfast included in our booking so we used to get our morning fix everyday at the Middlepath dining area. It’s a very small dining area, probably has around 6 or so tables and a buffet arrangement.



I was surprised that they don’t serve your choice of eggs everyday which most hotels do. But I guess, if you ask the staff they would be happy to put in a special request for you. On some days, the staff would serve you special aloo parathas with chutney for breakfast.


Daal Fry, Veg Pakoray and Chapaatis for Dinner!

Lunch and dinner has a separate ala carte menu. We ordered daal fry with chapatis and veg pakoray for dinner one night and it was pretty delicious. Tasted almost like homemade food 🙂



Just across the courtyard, the hotel also has a spa which I didn’t check out, unfortunately ’cause we used to return to our rooms by late evening after partying all day in Pokhara city. But you can check their spa menu online which looks quite nice and affordable to me honestly.


There is a lot to do in Pokhara (check it out) and if you like the hotel staff would be happy to arrange tours and activities for you. We asked them to book us a Paragliding adventure and they handled everything on their own. All we needed to do was show up for it! This was a very nice gesture and we were saved from running around the lakeside looking for a paragliding operator.



Vegetable patches at the Hotel


We visited in February 2017 and at that time it cost us USD 48 per night (taxes included). You can check TripAdvisor for the latest rates. Please keep in mind that whatever rate TripAdvisor and other websites propose to you, there will be additional 13% tax that you will need to account for at the time of payment.


General Travel Tip: It is easy to be lured in by the rates these websites flash into your eyes, but you need to be smart and do your homework as well. Most of the time you will plan your whole itinerary keeping in mind a certain cost only to realize on checkout that you also need to pay various kind of taxes :p


Honestly, I have zero complains for this hotel. I had the most comfortable stay here for 5 nights and absolutely loved it. The staff were the kindest people I’ve ever met on planet Earth especially the kitchen staff!

butterfly pokhara nepal

Hotel Middlepath – Quick Facts

Location: Middlepath Street, Pokhara, Nepal (map)
Hotel Type: Mid-range (2.5-3 Stars)
Air-Conditioning/Heater: Yes
Elevator: No
Services: Breakfast included, free wifi, restaurant, bar/lounge, airport transfers, laundry, spa, free parking.

+ If you want to learn more about Pokhara, feel free to read this and this post I did earlier.

+ All pictures are my own work, unless otherwise credited. This is not a paid review and all opinions are my own.


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