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Zipflying in Nepal with HighGround Adventures

zipline pokhara views

Whenever I come back from my travels, I have the same thought every single time in my mind: Best vacation EVER! I said this when I went to Malaysia. Then I said it again when I went to Dubai. Then my honeymoon in Maldives was my favourite vacation. And lately, Nepal has been my #1 destination. It only reinforces the fact, more than anything else, that globetrotting is my most favourite thing to do!

To plan a holiday, the single most important thing that I do is create an itinerary that is tailored for myself and my partner. I always have a certain expectation from a holiday so I make sure that my itinerary is built around that expectation. Sometimes when you research about a place, you develop those expectations based on what the destination has to offer. This is exactly what happened with me when I was planning for Nepal. I looked on TripAdvisor, read several blogs and reviews, binge watched Nepal travel guides on Youtube – I practically went to Nepal before I went to Nepal. This activity helped me set an itinerary for us that would give us the best experiences for the money we planned to put into this holiday.

One of the highlights of my itinerary was the adventure activities that I had planned. I wanted this vacation to be high on the adrenaline rush which is why I wanted to do it all: hiking, zipflying, paragliding – everything! I’ll blog about Paragliding later as it deserves a detailed review. This post is all about how to go zipflying/ziplining in Nepal.

The Zipline located in Sarangkot operated by HighGround Adventures

The Zipline located in Sarangkot operated by HighGround Adventures

I wanted to pre-book this activity before we arrived in Nepal, but couldn’t do so as I wasn’t sure about paying online through credit card and also because this particular zipline operator wouldn’t return my messages. Lol. So we waited until after we had arrived in Pokhara and decided to explore on our own. I had read about HighGround Adventures online that they have a Zipline in Sarangkot and one evening, on our way back to our hotel, we came across their office on the Lakeside Road. We decided to drop in and book the tour for the next day. We were visiting in off season so there we got us booked almost instantly.

pokhara nepal sarangkot

On the way to Sarangkot, you get to see such gorgeous views.

The next day we dropped by their office and waited while our zipflying group had gathered. We got into a van which took us uphill to Sarangkot where the zipline is located. The ride was extremely bumpy and dangerous!  The roads were not proper in some areas, there was lots of dust so we had to keep our windows shut occasionally. At one point, the rear tyres of the car got stuck in mud. There were a couple of cars and busses approaching from the opposite side as well, so space on the road was really narrow. Imagine your tyre getting stuck on a narrow road and the car being on the extreme edge just an inch away from falling into the abyss. *shudders* I think the ride to Sarangkot was far more dangerous than the zipline itself!

views from sarangkot in pokhara

Views from Sarangkot where Pokhara’s Zipline is located.

Once we arrived in Sarangkot, we had to climb a small hill on foot to reach the zipline. After that, we took turns on the zipline, two people at a time. We were a group of around 10 people and my husband and I were the last ones to climb the zipline. We had to wait a lot, but the experience was amazing!


The Zipline! This is where you climb and hop on to the trolley!

Nepal has the world’s 2nd steepest zipline with a vertical drop of 610 meters, total distance of 1.80 km, and maximum speed of 120 km/hr. The vertical drop was quite steep! The best thing about this zipline is that it drops at an angle so you get to feel the downward fall with a speed that goes like whoosh!

zipline pokhara views

The Vertical Drop! You land somewhere down there in the valley!

There is absolutely nothing to be scared about this zipline. I was freaking out initially, especially when I was in my seat all strapped-in and ready to go at the gate. It felt funny and scary ’cause I was about to hang in a seat in mid-air expecting to land miles away on the hill opposite to this one! But once the gates opened up and I was through, I felt a sense of calm. I started to enjoy the experience and looked around the magical panoramic views all around me. The winds were blowing so gushing hard that I had to keep my mouth shut all through the flight as I could feel my throat drying up. We were instructed to pull a rope when the instructors on the landing site wave a flag at us. This was supposed to slow us down before our seats hit the brakes on the zipline.

The whole flight on the zipline takes about 2-3 minutes and once you land you feel like it was nothing at all! When I landed, a French lady asked me if it was scary. I responded that it was the best thing I have ever experienced in my life! Once you land, you realize that all that shuddering and freaking out was for nothing really and the adrenaline kick lifts up your spirits like never before!

zipline pokhara landing site

Near the zipflyer landing site, people are watching others do Bungee

If you are ever in Pokhara, zipflying is a must-do! The feeling is out of this world when you fly on this zipline with such a speed with the trees and a river below you! It’s really magical and I think everyone must experience something like this at least once in their entire life.

Watch this Short Clip of Zipflying in Pokhara!


Zipflying Good To Knows

Cost: USD 68 / NPR 6800 / PKR 7125* per person. For pictures and video, you have to pay additionally USD 20 / NPR 2000 / PKR 2095* per person
Operator: HighGround Adventures, Lakeside Road, Pokhara, Nepal
Contact: +977 61 466349/50


  • Wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight or too flowy either as the wind is strong when you are on the zipline.
  • There is a compartment in your zipline harness seat to lock in your belongings like camera, wallets etc. But do not carry heavy belongings.
  • You must be older than 12 years to experience zipflying.
  • You must weigh between 35 – 125 kgs and must not have any health conditions such as hypertension, cardiac issues, pregnancy etc.
  • Although the zipflying itself is only 2 minutes long, the entire process can take upto 4 hours. This includes the commute to and from the zipline location in Sarangkot.
  • As mentioned above, you need to pay additionally for the pictures and videos. Please do, as it is totally worth the money.
Bungee in Pokhara

Bungee in Pokhara

  • Highground Adventures also operate a Bungee, so if you want you can do that the same day as your zipflying landing site is where the bungee is located.
  • Lastly, don’t ever panic. Follow the instructions mentioned to you before the flight and you’ll be good throughout. Enjoy the ride!

Learn More

Check out this fun video by Highground Adventures!

* The cost can vary subject to dollar rates.

+ All pictures are my own work, unless otherwise credited. 

+ Please forgive me for the bad quality of the pictures. I didn’t take my DSLR when we went Zipflying so most photos are taken by my phone 😦

+ Interested to learn more about other fun stuff to do in Pokhara, Nepal? Check out my Pokhara blog posts here and here!


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