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Tea Time Talks: The Joy in Our Dreams

My journey has just begun.

I am nowhere near my dream, but isn’t life all about the journey and NOT the destination? I totally believe in this.

No matter what your dream, when you take the very first step towards it, then my dear friend, you are one step closer to your dream! And from then onwards, each step you take is part of the learning process, part of your dream. It is the journey and not the destination that makes us who we are.

My dream is to travel all across the world, meet new people, eat great food and discover the wonders of our planet. Every step I take to make this dream come true, is actually a huge part of that dream. From the moment I plan a trip by endlessly googling stuff to do at a destination or booking my tickets and hotels, to actually boarding the plane to the destination, every step in that journey brings me joy. It’s like falling in love when in fact I am just packing my bags. Little things, pure joy.

So embrace this very moment, inhale that gorgeous sunset you daily ignore and keep moving closer to that dream that you are relentlessly working for one step at a time 🙂 🙂

Cheers. xx

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  1. Life sure is about journey and not about destination! Every step matters. So, every breath you take…every move you make…you should be watching it, appreciating it and being grateful for all that’s already there in life to explore! Happy dreaming, happy travelling!!

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