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Coco Bodu Hithi: The Resort of Dreams

If you are looking for a few days away from the noises of everyday life, amidst nature and tranquillity, then Coco Bodu Hithi in Maldives is the resort of your dreams! 

Situated on the North Male Atoll of the Republic of Maldives, this beautiful resort is spread over the entire breath of the island, away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. I visited Coco Bodu Hithi in February-March 2016 for our honeymoon. Soon after we landed in Maldives and reached the island, the first look of the resort ensured me that I was about to have the best time of my life! Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, cosy villas, and just the perfect level of comfort – Coco Bodu Hithi has mastered itself in this art.


Crystal Clear Waters and White Sandy Beaches

Getting to Maldives

If you are from Pakistan, you can fly to Male on Emirates (via Dubai) or Sri Lankan Airlines (via Colombo). On arrival in Male, you need to check with the resort’s counter located inside the airport, who will arrange your transport to the resort. Coco Bodu Hithi is reachable by a 30 minute long speedboat ride from the airport.


The Arrival Jetty

The Coco Residences

We had booked the Coco Residence for our trip. These are very cute and cosy over-water villas situated on the farthest end of the island.


The Coco Residences

Each residence comes with its own private infinity plunge pool and a multi-level terrace furnished with sun beds and a day bed. Each villa is completely secluded from the neighbouring villa. There is hardly any invasion of privacy if you wish to chill out on your outdoor terrace or take a dip in your very own pool.


Entrance to the Coco Residence


The inside of the villa comprises of the bedroom overlooking the terrace, a TV lounge with mini-bar, and a huge bathroom with enclosed spaces for the toilet and the shower, a dreamy bath tub in the centre, and separate his and her sinks! The villa also has an outdoor shower if you want to dust the beach sand off of you after your sun-soaking sessions!


The best thing about the Coco Residence Villas is that they offer gorgeous, breath-taking views from the terrace! If you book the sunset facing villas, then boy, you are in for a treat. During our stay, we captured some of the most marvellous sunsets and views of the sky.


Birdie Enjoying the Sunset


Sunrise View


Sunset from the Terrace


Sunset View from the Pool

If the Coco Residence doesn’t fit your budget, the resort offers other affordable options as well. Coco Palm also has cute little Island Villas that are tucked away under a canopy of trees and are equally gorgeous! Each Island Villa comes with access to the private beach and sun beds.


If you do not prefer an island villa and are looking for an affordable over-the-water living arrangement, then perhaps the Escape Water Villas could work for you. The Escape Water Villas are slightly smaller than the Coco Residences but have much similar features to the Coco Residences. But if you are looking for a completely secluded, cut-off-from-the-world kind of living experience filled with luxuries, then the Coco Residence is your done deal!

Dining Experience

The staff used to deliver complimentary fruit platter daily to our villa! I am a huge fruit lover, so this place turned out to be heaven for me.


Complimentary Fruit Platter and Drinks

Coco Bodu Hithi has a unique dining experience through the variety of restaurants it has to offer. Breakfast can be enjoyed a la carte at the Stars Restaurant or as a buffet at the Air Restaurant. Both restaurants have a variety of scrumptious meals perfect to feed any appetite.


Other than Air and Stars, the resort also has a restaurant called Aqua, which offers a unique over-water dining experience.


For casual dining, there is this place called the Latitude Bar where you can indulge in light meals and refreshing drinks.


The resort also hosts a Breeze BBQ weekly on the beach which offers a variety of fresh sea food and other dishes. The resort also has a Wine Loft and a Japanese restaurant called Tsuki which prepares authentic Japanese dishes.

During our stay we had the opportunity to attend dinners and Master Classes by Michelin star chefs Akhtar Islam and Nigel Haworth. It was a truly scrumptious and enticing experience of fine dining specially because the next day we got to see the Chefs prepare those dishes right in front of us and share their secret tips and techniques!


Entertainment Options

When it comes to entertainment, the resort is filled with options that would make your vacation experience at Coco Bodu Hithi even more memorable.

Spa: You can indulge into a blissful escape by booking a massage or treatment at the in-house Coco Spa. The Spa offers different packages and you could choose the one that suits your mood. The spa also offers different healing and relaxation products, that you could bring home as a souvenir. We bought a set of three super-fragrant massage oils. Whenever I use one of them, I am taken back into the zen-like atmosphere of Coco Resorts!

Watersports: Coco Bodu Hithi has a variety of water sports to offer. We opted for snorkelling at the resort and it was a mind blowing experience! (Read about Snorkelling at Coco Bodu Hithi here). The resort also has an in-house PADI certified Diving School where you can learn the skills of deep sea diving and experience the wonders inside the lagoon. While we were snorkelling, we saw a couple of divers below us and they even waved at us! 😀

Sandbank Dinner: This is something not to be missed. We booked this dinner on our last night at the resort, and our butler (Did I forget to mention that we had our own personal butler all through our stay?!) arranged a speedboat for us to reach the sandbank which was literally a piece of land in the middle of nowhere completely surrounded by the ocean from all sides!


The staff prepared freshly cooked food for us then and there while my husband and I enjoyed the mesmerising view of the sunset.


Other Fun Stuff To Do At Coco Bodu Hithi:

While we had the chance of exploring only a few of the activities, the resort offers a bundle of unique experiences that could be enjoyed alone or in a group. Some of those are:

  • Sandbank Picnic
  • In-Villa BBQ
  • Fishing
  • Breakfast on the Beach
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Pergola Dinner
  • Coco Cinema
  • Bird’s Eye Tour of the island from a Sea Plane

Additional Info

  1. You can book your trip at Coco Bodu Hithi directly from their website.
  2. The resort offers promotions and deals often so watch out for them.
  3. Coco Bodu Hithi is one hour ahead of Male time to cater for daylight saving.
  4. All food at the resort is halal. We were so happy to hear this as we are Muslims. Also, they would be happy to tailor the food if you have special dietary requirements, just let them know beforehand! My husband and I were not comfortable eating some sea food so the sweet staff replaced those entrees with meat options. They also provided us with non-alcoholic beverages in replacement of the alcoholic ones.
  5. Our butler was a man caled ‘Nizam’. A very sweet and helpful guy, he helped us with our bookings, guided us about the activities, and even gave us buggy rides across the island when we didn’t feel like walking much! Thank you, Nizam 🙂
  6. Coco Bodu Hithi is an environment friendly resort and regularly contributes to the sustainable development of the planet. They have a number of environment friendly practices that you can view in their Sustainability Report online. They even use dim lights at night to save electricity and cut down on light pollution. This is why the resort is filled with a blanket of stars at night that you can enjoy from your terrace or the beach!
  7. Before you book your tickets to Maldives, here are some really informative pointers about planning your trip.

I will never forget the few days we spent at this little heaven. This is a must-go place if you are looking for a relaxing vacation where all you want to do is soak under the sun in a hammock by the beach.


Until next time, Coco Resorts 🙂




    • tasmay says

      Shazia, it’s a must visit! And if not Coco then I can help you find a resort that suits your interests.


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